Chair of Excellence of the EADS Foundation

The Chair of Excellence of the EADS Foundation granted to Patrice Simon "Embedded Multifunctional Nano Materials and Systems" aims to :

1. Develop high-level research in the field of Embedded Multifunctional Nano Materials and Systems (NME-MS) and especially in energy storage systems and micro systems ; composite and nano-composite materials on the basis polymer.
Objectives are to develop new nanostructured materials for increased storage system performances of Li-ion batteries and supercapacitors ; new composite and nanocomposite materials for the lighted structures and increased impact resistance.

2. Support and develop training and mainstream education in this field NME-MS:
Goals are to support and develop training of future generations of researchers and engineers, attracting quality students of international and national standing.

3. Develop international reknown of this chair with the organization of symposiums and conferences.
Support will be addressed for inviting high-level researcher of international standing to contribute to the chair’s program (seminars, courses) and the international reknown of this chair.