Last Publications

Electrochemical study of pseudocapacitive behavior of Ti3C2Tx MXene material in aqueous électrolytes
H. Shao, Z. Lin, K. Xu, P.L. Taberna and P. Simon, Energy Storage Materials (2019), in press.

Synthesis of T-Nb2O5 thin-films deposited by Atomic Layer Deposition for miniaturized electrochemical energy storage devices
S. Ouendia, C. Arico, F. Blanchard, J.L. Codron, X. Wallart, P.L.Tabern, P. Roussel, L. Claviera, P. Simon, C. Lethien Energy Storage Materials 16 (2019) 581-588

Salt-template synthesis of mesoporous carbon monolith for ionogel-based supercapacitors
S. Zhu, P.L. Taberna, N. Zhao and P. Simon, Electrochemistry Communications 96 (2018) 6-10.

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